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Welcome To Sri Raghavendra College of Education

The Bachelor of Education Degree course is mainly designed to prepare effective secondary school teachers to work in schools. The course essentially aims at helping student teachers become aware of certain new content, develop certain competencies and understand his/her multiple roles in the present context.

The course is geared to realise the following objectives and therefore shall attempt to develop in a student teacher.

Understanding of the essential foundations and basic principles of education.

Understanding the system, practices and the problems that accompanied the development of education in our country.

Understanding the nature and problems of secondary school children and ability to deal with them effectively.

Competencies for planning and execution of teaching learning and other concomitant educational Programme to be carried out in secondary schools.

Adequate content competency in two school subjects of specialisation so as to enable the student teacher to select, organise and teach the subjects effectively.

Understanding, appreciation and skills in respect of special approaches, learning experiences, methods and tools etc., adopted in curriculum planning, teaching and evaluation of the subjects of their specialisation.

Understanding of the general functioning and organisation of secondary schools and thereby acquire the ability to contribute towards effective curricular and co-curricular learning programmes in schools.

A spirit of experimentation towards the teaching-learning process.

A sound professional interest, attitude, ethics and a desire for continuous professional growth. Awareness for the need for extension activities in the community

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